Once you begin to notice your inability to see things clearly, you have to start thinking of getting a pair of glasses. Our eyes function all the time, right from morning till when we go to bed. We watch, read and see things with our eyes. For this reasons, it is important to select a pair of glasses that suits you and can assist you in all you do. We have various types of glasses for different individual need.

Digital Progressive Lenses:

Digital progressive lenses provide you with a wider vision of about 40% and with a better switch between distance zones and reading, they make it much more subtle to get accustomed to progressives. However, they cannot be recommended for everyone. It may not be suitable for some people as it does not have visible lines to separate the three focal fields, some may feel dizzy or nauseous while using progressive lenses. Those who use progressive lenses only experience these reactions for some minutes or some days.

Single Vision Distance Glasses:

– Single-vision distance glasses are used to view distances of about two feet away or more
– Single-vision intermediate (computer) glasses are used to view distances between one and a half and two feet away, that is, the distance between a person and a computer screen.
– Single-vision near (reading) glasses are used to view objects six inches to one and a half feet away, that is, how far a book is from the person reading it.

Bifocal Lenses:

Multifocal lenses of this nature are used to view two things (one for the distance from a high point and the other to view things closely at a low point) and they have a visible dividing line or curve on the lens. Bifocal lenses are like corrective lenses, they help the eyes see perfectly. An original bifocal lens has two varying functions which are to see far distances and objects and for reading and seeing near distances.

Computer Lenses:

Computers and other kinds of electronic displays have become an integral part of our working and private lives. A lot of people are still ignorant of how much stress these machines put the eye through. This is why it is essential for you to use the computer lenses when working as their visual zones have been set in accordance with the movement of your eyes.
With the use of computer glasses, you get the best range of vision you need for your job. There are a lot of designs to choose from to suit your daily activities.

Other Types of Glasses that can be very Beneficial Include –

Blue-Light Filtering Spectacle Lenses:

They can filter high-energy, short-wavelength light without necessarily reducing visual performances and quality of sleep. These lenses help in protecting the retina from possible blue-light incidents. It is quite essential for individuals who use a CPU or Smartphone to get a blue light blocking coating.

Prescription Glasses:

They can be recommended by your optician at any time and you will be allowed to select the lenses and frames for the glasses. It is very important that you buy the right lenses in order for your vision to be clear when you use them.

Transition Lenses:

These lenses adapt to changes in light to increase eyesight. If you come in contact with ultraviolet light, the lenses become dark like that of sunglasses. When you use them indoors or at night, the lenses change back to their real form. You should not be bothered about the lenses darkening when it comes in contact with artificial lights as they only revert due to the short wavelengths from the sun.

Polarized Lenses:

They are very beneficial when compared to the non-polarized lenses. You should take that into consideration when buying one. They obstruct light rays that usually go to the eyes after reflecting off of surfaces. Every light that reaches the eye via a polarized lens has been filtered, which makes the user see differently. Polarized lenses increase eye comfort and make it possible for you to see things without half opening or closing the eye.

When next you want to select a glass, ensure you pick one that is suitable for you. You can visit your optician so he or she can assist you in selecting an appropriate one.

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